Final Embryo Numbers…..

So this week has been crazy busy and long, even though we had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day.  I have been really busy trying to catch up with work that I haven’t had a chance to update you guys, so sorry.

So Monday we got the call that out of the eight they were pushing an additional four embryos made it to Day 5.  So out of 13 fertilized, we have eight beautiful blastocysts waiting to become our little miracle.  I am extremely happy that we have these strong fighters and that they made it to Day 5 especially since last time we did not have any make it to Day 5. 

Since Monday, I have been trying to stay the course and remain positive.  My cycle showed up last weekend and the cramps have been a total B.  I don’t know if it is my body coming down from all the hormones or being in pain, but I have been incredibly irratiable and a little disappointed.  Disappointed that my lovely Day 5 embies did not get to reunite with me on Sunday and began to make their home so we could grow together.  I know I need to stay positive and happy over the milestones we have met, but I can’t help but feel like I have failed by my body not being ready to receive our embies.

I know that some studies suggest that FETs are more successful and I am trying to hang on to those statistics.  I know that by us doing a FET that my RE will perform it which will give us better odds since I have a difficult cervix and all of my IUIs and transfers have been challenges.

We go to our RE on Monday (Wifey’s birthday) to figure out the official plan of when the FET will be but I am guessing the beginning of March.   That seems so far away right now, but I know I need to remain patient, positive and stay the course. 


2 thoughts on “Final Embryo Numbers…..

  1. 8 embabies! Way to go 🙂 time to get their home all spruced up 😉 hopefully they will hang out there for 9 months! If it isn’t too impertinent, may I ask if you are transferring one or two?


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