Still Strong and Growing…

So happy, shocked, excited and amazed to announce that we still have all 13 of our embryos on Day 3. Out of the 13 embryos, we were told that nine of them look really good to survive to Day 5.  Woohoo!! Our Doctor warned us that statistically half of your rembryos will survive till Day 5, so if we assume that half of the nine will survive to Day 5, we could still end up with four to five embryos!!! 

Considering that with our first round of IVF, we only had three of our five fertilized embryos make it Day 3 and no Day 5 embryos, I am more than pleased with how strong our embryos are this cycle.  I really think that the changes we have made have made a great impact on my egg quality.  

Since our failed FET last summer, I have gotten healthier by doing the following:

  • Changed eating habits with 21 Day Fix and Gluten-free
  • Lost weight and toned my body with multiple Beachbody workout programs
  • Reduced my anxiety and stress with yoga
  • Remove toxins by using only natural soaps, lotions and makeup products 
  • Chinese herbs to strengthen my cycles and egg growth
  • Acupuncture 

We will never know if it was one thing or a combination of all of them, but I will take this successful step and look forward to the call on Sunday to know our final freeze all numbers.