Four years TTC, six years married and still going…

4 years ago this month, we submitted our new patient paperwork and started our infertility journey. It is crazy to believe that four years have gone by so quickly and we have yet to experience the joy of a positive pregnancy test.
We finally had our WTF appointment and yet again our RE does not want to change anything about our protocol. She has not written off our chances and thinks we are still going down the right path to success. She did tell us that if we go through our last four embryos (which still look good) and do not have success than she would like us to do another round of IVF with genetic testing. This way they can determine if it is or embryos or uterine implantation problems, as all looks good on paper right now. Let’s hope we get success and that we do not have to go down this route.
I did get good news after complaining to the practice and our RE regarding our financial employee benefit. The practice manager called me and said that she agreed that the benefit should have been better communicated and they agreed that if we do have to do a 3rd round of IVF they will give us the employee benefit cost, which is easily $5k less. 
I have started going back to acupuncture and realized how much I missed it. I am however very sad to find out that my acupuncturist is leaving the practice. I have really developed a good trusting relationship with her and I am going to hate to see her go. She is not only a great acupuncturist but has been a great sounding board and beacon of support with our failures over this past year.
This weekend we celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. It is so crazy to believe that six years ago in front of our family and friends we confessed our love for each other no matter what the obstacles. It seems like that day of love, laughter, tears and joy was yesterday. I couldn’t be luckier to have one of the best wives in the world. No matter what we have each other and the love we share.  
However, as we look back at our wedding photos, there a lot of friends that we have lost touch with over these past four years. A lot of them do not understand what we have endured month after month to try to become parents and the support, rather than criticism, that we need along this journey.
Regardless of those drifting relationships, I will continue to push through this journey and we will continue to grow as people and a couple whether we are parents or not.