A letter to our angels at 20 weeks….

To my angel babies, 

This weekend we would have been half way on our journey to meeting you and seeing your beautiful faces. It is so hard to believe so much time has passed already as it seems that just last week we were celebrating your life and then mourning your lost.  

There is not a day that does not go by in which you do not enter my thoughts, my heart and my body. I often find myself putting my hand on my belly as I did after you were implanted to reminisce on our short bond. I remember people saying to us at least it was early when we found out you were going to be our angel babies. Regardless of how long we spent together, the love, the hurt and pain will always be in my heart.

I know I need to not live in the past and look to the future, but I will never forget you as you were my first babies. As we get ready to meet your siblings and connect their lives with ours, I hope you are getting them ready to spend life with us here on earth. I love you more than you will ever know and you will forever hold a piece of me.