NIAW – What Infertility Looks Like…

Often people think that infertility treatments just involve a few drugs and appointments and bang you have a baby…if only.

This is what infertility looks like thousands of dollars in medications, constant monitoring and testing, needles, shots, and ultrasounds. Infertility is physically and mentally challenging.

So rather than telling someone what they should do to have a child, ask how you can help instead.

So often those who are going through infertility treatments have done the research. They have seen doctors, tried the old wives tales to get pregnant and everything in between. What they really need is a someone to say I am sorry you have to go through this, how can I help you?


38 Weeks

This week started out with a great OB appointment with our favorite Dr at the practice. He was so excited to see us and said he cannot wait to meet our little guy. He did my first official check and said that I was making good strides at 1-2cm and 50% effaced. Woohoo! My body is responding appropriately and doing what is suppose to, what a relief.

We celebrated the birthday of two of our favorite kids from afar. We miss them so much now that they are in Canada and we do not get to see their shining faces everyday when we get home, but thankfully we will have our own little man to smile at us soon.

Still feeling good this week. He is getting heavier and lower but keeping up yoga, acupuncture and trying to prepare my body for the big event. No cravings or aversions but still experiencing terrible heartburn and indigestion.

37 weeks

We started the week with an OB appointment with a new doctor at the practice. While she seemed to be a good doctor, I was quite annoyed by her “you know most first pregnancies are late” speech. I really hate that talk. I get with most women the due date is wrong because they have no idea when conception actually happened, however we did IVF and science is clear so my due date is not wrong.

We had a friend come into town this weekend that we had not seen in a while. It was great to see them and catch up.

Definitely feeling that the end is coming as he is getting bigger and I am feeling his head down. Still doing yoga and acupuncture. No cravings or aversions but was hoping that heartburn would get better now that he is dropping but seems to be getting worse.

36 weeks

It is Thanksgiving and we are four weeks away from meeting our son!

Hard to believe that last year we were waiting the results of our FET, which unfortunately ended in an early miscarriages and now we are putting the finishing touches on our son’s room.

We had a great Thanksgiving lunch with family. Everyone is excited about Peanut’s arrival and hope that they will get to meet him at Christmas.

We got up and did our normal Black Friday Shopping with the family, but instead of buying things for ourselves we purchased things for Peanut.

We are now down to weekly appointments at the OB,..let’s hope for progress as we get closer to due date.

35 weeks

5 weeks to go!!!!! As we prepare for Peanut to arrive and the holidays, we are doing all we can to get prepared.

We have the majority of our Shopping done, just need to get a few giftcards. So we plan to spend Black Friday shopping looking for good deals on any items we still need for Peanut. You know life has changed already when you plan your Black Friday Shopping in the baby section of the store.

Since most of our showers are now done, we have completed his room for the most part. I love to just sit in his room and think about him being in it with us and watching him grow up. Keep growing little guy, we can’t wait to meet you.

34 weeks

I can’t believe we have six weeks to go. I feel like Peanut is getting big and that my abdomen cannot stretch any further, even though I know it will.

This week I have truly felt the 3rd trimester exhaustion. All I want to do is lay down but I feel like we still have so much to do to get ready for Peanut and the holidays since his due date is so close to the holidays.

We were spoiled again this week with our last baby shower thrown by my old co-workers. It is so nice to know that after five years people love you enough to want to bless your future family. It was so nice of them to think of us and everything was so lovely.

Over the weekend, Heather’s family wanted to have a garage sale so Heather and I grabbed a few things we had to sell. We stayed at her parents the night before and I was so uncomfortable that I had to sleep in the recliner. It was probably one of the best nights of sleep I had in a while. The yard sale started at 5am and that night we had tickets to Tori Amos, my favorite artist, so we knew it was going to be a long day.

The concert was amazing! Everything I imagined it to be and more. Even though I have seen Tori in concert many times, each show has it own unique greatness about it. I was so glad I got to share her wonderful music with Peanut.

33 Weeks

So crazy to think that we have just completed our 33rd week of pregnancy.  This time last year we were preparing for what we thought would be our last FET with our embryos from IVF round #2.  Unfortunately that FET resulted in our angel baby, but that angel baby brought us to where we are now.

We had our 2nd big family/friend shower this weekend.  My best friend came in from out of town and but together a beautiful shower with hot air balloons to go with our travel theme of all of the places we will go with Peanut. It was nice to have family and friends shower him again and share in the excitement of knowing that we are getting closer to having him in all of our lives.

We also had our maternity photos this past weekend.  So so so crazy to even say that.  If you had asked me last year or the years before when we would be having maternity photos I probably would have said never.  It was very emotional to think here were capturing moments of him growing with us that we will share for our lifetime.  The photographer was great and the weather cooperated so will be looking forward to having a sneak peak of what they look like in the weeks to come.

This week the pelvic pressure has settled in, making us believe that Peanut is head down and getting in position to come and grace us with his presence.  His movements are getting stronger and hiccups more noticeable. I am still not experiencing any cravings or aversions and appetite seems to be the same and not have increased.

We had our 32wk OB visit this week (at 33w5d) and doctor indicating that he was measuring 34wk, so we are looking at possibly a measurement of two days ahead of schedule.  Let’s hope he will arrive two days early and not that he is just big.  My weight has stayed low and consistent with him gaining about a half a pound a week now, so I think the continuous yoga/cardio practice of at least three days a week is paying off for me and Peanut.

Everyday I find it hard to believe that we are here, but I am incredibly thankful that we are on this journey and that so far it has been an easy and enjoyable pregnancy….less than 7 weeks to go……