NIAW – Infertility warriors

This quote is my infertility anthem. Getting pregnant, carrying a baby to term, and birthing a healthy baby are all a blessing as a woman and a mom. For so many women bringing a life into this world is just a dream, so let’s not forget to honor their strength in trying to make their dream a reality.


NIAW – Insurance Coverage

15… is the number of states that have some form of mandated insurance coverage for infertility. That means that only 29% of our states realize (or chose to recognize) that infertility like any other disease should have insurance coverage for treatment.

I live in a state that is not in that list of 15, however I was lucky enough to have a job that covered a portion of my treatments.

So many couples are not this lucky and often have to make the tough decision to give up on their dreams of a child due to the financial burden. Please contact your representatives and let them know infertility is a disease that should be covered.

NIAW – What Infertility Looks Like…

Often people think that infertility treatments just involve a few drugs and appointments and bang you have a baby…if only.

This is what infertility looks like thousands of dollars in medications, constant monitoring and testing, needles, shots, and ultrasounds. Infertility is physically and mentally challenging.

So rather than telling someone what they should do to have a child, ask how you can help instead.

So often those who are going through infertility treatments have done the research. They have seen doctors, tried the old wives tales to get pregnant and everything in between. What they really need is a someone to say I am sorry you have to go through this, how can I help you?

NIAW.. One in Eight

One in eight couples experience infertility. That means that most likely you know at least one couple that is struggling to live the “American dream” of a great job, a house and kids. Often society assumes something is wrong with these couples for them to have not conceived.

Then you add in the added financial burden of infertility treatments for most couples and it gets even harder to reach that American dream, as some may have to sell their house, sacrifice vacations and extras just to have the money to even try.

All of this pressure and guilt on a couple can cause a lot of stress and strain on a loving relationship.

I am incredibly grateful that our love grew stronger along our infertility journey as so many grow apart and some do not even last.

So before you go casting judgment on a childless couple, please be sure to be mindful of the pain they may be experiencing together.

Flip the Script… NIAW

In October 2012, my wife and I walked into a fertility office filled with hope and desire of becoming parents. We had picked a sperm donor and were ready for the next steps to meet our little one. Little did we know that four years later we would still be sitting in that same room at the fertility office trying to make our dreams of a family come true.

Our experience is not uncommon. Unfortunately it is becoming more and more common for couples of all ages, racial backgrounds and orientations. So many of us suffer on this journey in silence as fertility has become the “f” word that people do not want to talk about as it makes them uncomfortable.

This week is a week that means a lot to me, National Infertility Awareness Week. It is a reminder that we need to talk about the “f” word so that those who struggle do not feel alone. So I encourage you to “flip the script” and join the conversation.

Closing out NIAW

So sad to see NIAW go…but hope the conversation and awareness will continue to grow.

The Bloggers Unite Conference is closed out with a great post about keeping the line of communication open along your journey.  Infertility is a hard pill to swallow so it is important to make sure that you are having the conversations with your spouse so that you are both prepared for what is the next step.

Miss Conception Coach
In Due Time