NIAW – Insurance Coverage

15… is the number of states that have some form of mandated insurance coverage for infertility. That means that only 29% of our states realize (or chose to recognize) that infertility like any other disease should have insurance coverage for treatment.

I live in a state that is not in that list of 15, however I was lucky enough to have a job that covered a portion of my treatments.

So many couples are not this lucky and often have to make the tough decision to give up on their dreams of a child due to the financial burden. Please contact your representatives and let them know infertility is a disease that should be covered.


2 thoughts on “NIAW – Insurance Coverage

  1. My wife and I were fortunate that her job was located in a state that mandates coverage….or so we thought. That state declined our request for coverage because we didn’t meet the criteria of being: “A female without a male partner and under 35 years of age who is unable to conceive after 12 failed attempts of IUI (intrauterine insemination) under medical supervision”. We didn’t think it made a lot of sense to ask them to pay for IVF or IUI after we paid for 12 of our own attempts (heterosexual couples only need say they’ve tried for a year.) We are so so lucky to have gotten pregnant on our second IVF transfer, but it only cost us about $20k after sperm and the IVF package. (We know that many couples pay SO much more, so I truly am grateful…it just so frustrating).


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