So Christmas Eve turned out to be a great day. I was so worried that Heather would be sad and depressed because her family would be getting together that afternoon and we would not be going.

We got up that morning and she was surprisedly in a very good mood. She had made plans to spend the day in the kitchen cooking and baking, two of her favorite things to do. For breakfast she made homemade cinnamon rolls; for lunch we had appetizers to watch football: cheese ball, sausage balls and dips.  We had planned on having mussels and fries for dinner and start our own tradition of seafood on Christmas Eve, but we were so full from the lunch appetizers that we ended up not having dinner.

We watched Christmas movies and football all day, slow danced together and listened to Christmas music. Before going to bed, we sat in front of the Christmas tree together and opened our gifts being that we would have company all day on Christmas Day.  We went to bed happy to spend another Christmas together as a couple.

The day turned out to be great for Heather, but I felt guilty all day that she was missing out on her traditional family get together.  In addition, I was super uncomfortable and kept having contractions all day.  Part of me was wishing and hoping all day that I would go into labor on Christmas Eve and we would get our true Christmas miracle.

Santa and Christmas morning came and we were still pregnant. I had to accept the fact that our families were coming over for Christmas and the biggest gift would not be under the tree. Heather tried to reassure me that she was good, but I could see the hurt in her eyes of not seeing her family on Christmas morning.

She FaceTime her family as they were making Christmas breakfast to say Merry Christmas and confirmed lunchtime with them. I tried to lighten the mood by baking Christmas cookies for us to eat. However while I was baking, she looked at old pictures of her, her mom and dad at Christmas when she was a kid and I could tell she was upset. I felt awful, I wanted to comfort her, to distract her with our son, but he was still snuggled inside of me with no real signs of exiting.

It got closer to lunchtime and we had not heard from her family. She finally called them and found out that they had fallen asleep and were running late. Heather felt like they had forgotten about her on Christmas since no one had called or reached out. I assured her that they had not forgot about her and sent her sister a message to make sure they were coming for lunch. They reassured me that they had not forgotten about Heather and that as her sisters they were coming to surprise her.

They showed up for lunch and it brought tears and joy to Heather to have them here with her. We had a nice lunch, opened presents and hung out.

Shortly after they were leaving, my family showed up for dinner. They also were all hoping that they would be seeing our little man or visiting us at the hospital, but that was not how things played out. It was nice to have my middle sister and her son for the Christmas festivities this year. We had dinner, opened presents and hung out. It was a nice evening even though I wasn’t able to give them the gift they wanted.

After all of our family left, we waited for the phone call for our induction time the next day. One way or another our little man would be born soon.


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