IVF PGS Results

Finally met with our RE yesterday to discuss our PGS results and next steps on Peanut Satterfield journey. The past week waiting for these results has been agonizing and caused us to have some difficult conversations.

What happens if none of our embryos are normal? This was our 3rd round of IVF. We had responded well on the 2nd cycle and had a good number of embryos make it to Day 5/6. This time we had similar response but lost all but two of the embryos before Day 6. If none of the embryos are normal does that mean that my eggs are bad? Or did we just have a bad batch this IVF cycle? If we decide or are forced to do another round of IVF, we have now reached the point where we will not have any additional insurance coverage, thus we would be looking at all costs out of pocket.

Do we try reciprocal IVF and see if Heather’s eggs were normal or better responders? Would she have to loose a lot of weight before we start the process? Would my body be receptive to her embryos? Would we have to get a new donor? If not, do we look at adoption or give up on our dream to be moms.

These were all of the questions running through our mind the past week and the heartfelt emotional discussions that we had to prepare ourselves for depending on the outcome.

We got to our visit and luckily our RE had good news, we have one normal embryo!!! We all hoped that both would have been normal but we were happy to hear that we still have a chance with this cycle.

Next steps for Peanut Satterfield:
– Endometrial scratch, cervical dilation and hysterscopy next week
– Start Estradiol patches with next AF
– PIO instead of progesterone suppositories
– Transfer of normal

Let’s hope our little normal fighter is our miracle baby..


4 thoughts on “IVF PGS Results

  1. Have you considered doing an ERA instead of a scratch to have them make sure the IVF timing is right? I did mine last month and it turns out my transfers were all being done a day early, so we’re doing our 6th and final on 6 days instead of 5 days of PIO…

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    1. We did ask but unfortunately my clinic does not perform this yet since it is still considered experimental. Since I did have a BFP last transfer we are repeating the protocol but replacing the suppositories with PIO.


      1. Oy, that is too bad – so they outright refused? My doctor doesn’t believe in it either and had never done it but because it’s no cost to him ( I just paid for a regular office visit and paid for the ERA directly to Igenomix), when I insisted, he did it since all it is is collecting a bit of tissue and mailing it off to the lab. I’ve had a BFP in the past as well but I’m glad I did this as this is so tough both emotionally and financially.


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