Vow for Another Year

Birthdays are always hard for me, but they have been especially hard over the past three years. Each year I have hoped that I will get the ultimate birthday present of a healthy pregnancy and baby, and wished that the coming year would bring that gift wrapped in all the glitter, bows and joy.
Lately, work and life has been very challenging aside from our infertility issues. Due to the difficult past few months we have had, my wife took me on a short getaway to the beach. It was filled with great food, beach sunrises and sunsets, desserts and Rose.  

It was exactly what I needed to take a step back and refresh, reflex and focus on what is important. I love my wife unconditionally and I am so luckily to have her to support me and be my cheerleader. 

So this year instead on focusing on what I have not accomplished or have in my life, I am making a vow to make 35 the year of positivity, regardless of the outcomes.  

So this birthday, I celebrate the following:

– I have made it another year with good health

– I have a loving wife who is my greatest love, rock, cheerleader and best friend 

– I have stuck to my commitment to better health choices with exercise, diet and acupuncture

– I have a stable, well paying job

– I have been able to travel and see new and exciting places 

– I have the best furbabies who just want to give me unconditional love and snuggles

– I have a comfortable space to call home

– I have great friends and family that continue to show me that no matter what they will be there for me

So here is to all the good things that will come over the next year!!


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