Transfer Day

Yesterday was Transfer Day, we have been waiting for months for this day and can’t believe it is finally here. I spent the day before cleaning, organizing and packing for my trip later this weekend, so that I can truly relax after the transfer. 

We got to the clinic and the front desk specialists were having issues with the system and trying to figure out how much I owed for our procedure. I have to give myself credit as I remained quite calm. Previously while on meds (that evil pill called Clomid), I did not have patience and ended up throwing my credit card at one of the specialist when she argued with me about a co-pay. I know not my finest moment. So today, I was mindful of this previous experience and just stood there waiting patiently. They finally figured it out and completed my check in after 10 minutes.

Our clinic has recently experienced a turnover in nursing staff (or we have just been around way too long….probably a little bit of both), so needless to say we are still getting used to the new nursing staff. One of the new nurses called me Monday to confirm our transfer and had proceeded to tell me that I needed to arrive with a full bladder. I quickly interrupted her and reminded her that I would be sedated for the procedure so therefore I would not be able to eat or drink after midnight. She was like oh yeah you are right, I see this on your chart now. So really she had called and not reviewed my chart beforehand. Consequently, I was not feeling very confident in this new staff.  

As we waited in the waiting room to be called back, we hear our named called by an unfamiliar name. Oh my luck, the nurse who called. She looks at me and then at Heather as if she was not sure who was the patient. Ugh, yes we are lesbians, read my chart! She takes us back and get us settled. Heather asks if she will get to go in the procedure room with me, the nurse asks and informs us that because of my sedation she will notbe able to go. 😔 Heather looks at me and immediately starts to cry, it broke my heart. At no time do I want her to feel like she is not part of the process. Our RE came in and showed us our beautiful baby, and the great news that they only had to thaw one embryo, thus we still have seven strong babies left for the future. 


The nurse comes back in and talks uncontrollably about everything, I guess to not feel uncomfortable. She actually asked us if we had dated men?!? Umm are your serious right now? She then proceeds to attempt to put in my IV to get me full of fluids before sedation. She sticks me once and misses, sticks me again and misses again. Finally the anesthesiologist came in to put the IV in my hand. Side note, let me just tell you having your hand thumped to get a vein up hurts like hell!!! As Heather and I exchanged kisses before they took me back, I said to her, I think they forgot the Zofran. They come in to take me back to the procedure room and realize that they forgot to give me Zofran, so they quickly got it together and gave it to me. I could tell that even my RE was annoyed that they were so disorganized.
At this point I was so glad that I was going to be sedated because otherwise I would have been so anxious and my body would have been very tense. We get back into the procedure room and they showed me our beautiful 5day blastocyst. The medical tech puts the ultrasound wound on my uterus and our RE was like: “Wow! This is is the best view I have ever had of your uterus! This is going to be a great day!” That was all the reassurance I needed before they put me to sleep to do the transfer.

While I was in recovery, my RE told Heather that everything went beautifully and that she wishes they had put me to sleep before as everything went so much better. She said that she did not have any issues but thought I would have been tense regardless so she was glad I was sedated to be relaxed. After I was alert, the nurse came back in jabbering again. I was never so excited to leave after waking up from anesthesia. I know she meant well but whoa she needed a muzzle.
After the transfer, we grad lunch on the way home and just laid in the bed to relax and let our little one settle in. I have to admit that I felt the best I had ever felt after a transfer. We just laid in bed together snuggling and placing our hands on our little embryo.

In the afternoon, I went to my first acupuncture appointment as PUPO. It was great. I absorbed the energy and tried to think positive thoughts about our healthy baby growing inside of me.

Let’s pray and hope this is one that sticks!  


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