Another step many to go…

So last Wednesday, we took our next step in getting ready for our next FET cycle. Since it seems from our past failures that transfer/implantation may be our issue, our RE wanted to perform an endometrial biopsy/injury and a cervical dilation before I start my menstrual cycle and meds for our FET.

When she previously tried to do a biopsy on me, they quickly learned that my cervix is difficult to pass the catheter, so she wanted me to sedated for the procedure. I went in Wednesday morning prepared as I had been previously, but feeling uneasy and impatient that we still have weeks to go until we transfer our baby.  

We were sad to hear that two of our nurses will be leaving the clinic this month. We were joking with our RE and said we clearly have been around too long, when we have watched the nurses cycle through. It is time for us to graduate or move on for sure. Our RE agreed she is ready to see us graduate to our OB, but will be sad to see us go.

The biopsy went well, our RE was able to use the catheter which she was not able to last time. She also performed a mock transfer to get ready for our real transfer and had no issues. Let’s hope this is all good signs for things to come.

We had an eventful/stressful weekend with both Heather’s parents ending up in the emergency room. They are both luckily fine but it was a very stressful situation for Heather especially since this Monday was the year anniversary of her dad dying. I know she worries about her parents as they are older and their health is not the best. Being someone who is struggling through infertility, all I can think about in these situations is that I hope I get pregnant soon so that they can enjoy their grandchild. I know how special Heather’s relationship was with her grandma and I know she wants that for our child.

So hopefully CD1 shows up very soon, so that we can get this show on the road. If nothing else, I know God is teaching me patience in all of this…

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