Trying to pass the time…

So Monday was my wife’s birthday and our follow up with our RE to talk about the FET plan.  The birthday was good but I think my wife was a little disappointed due to the snowy/ice weather and not getting to see family or friends.  The good present that she did get was that our frozen embryos look great.  Out of the eight, four are close to hatching and most are a grade A or B, so that seems promising.

We still do not know our exact transfer date yet as we have to wait to see when my cycle starts.  Our RE does want us to do another saline sonogram on CD5 to make sure my cervix and uterus are clear and ready for our embroys.  If that comes back clean, then we will do another endometrial biopsy/scrap and cervical dilation around Cycle Day 13 to make sure my body is ready to receive our embroys. We will still do my transfer under sedation since my cervix is tricky, so looks like Feb/Mar will have quite a few sedation induced take it easy days.

We talked about the decision to implant one or two embryos.  Our RE is leaning towards two but warned us that it does increase our chances of multiples.  Not only twins, but possibly triplets or quadruplets if one or both embryos were to split.  We are leaning towards taking our chances and implanting two.  Yes that makes me nervous about the financial aspect of two kids,but we will cross that bridge if we get there.

Waiting is getting to be more and more unbearable.  I know that we need to cherish the time and moments we have together, but I think my wife and are both starting to get impatient waiting for us to complete this cycle and knowing whether we are still in the infertility category or moving on to pregnancy stage.

I have been trying to stay busy by reading and doing a few things around the house.  I finished two infertility books this month that I would recommend to any that are on this journey.  

How are you ladies passing the time?

2 thoughts on “Trying to pass the time…

  1. I do understand the one versus two embryo thing. For us wanting a midwife-assisted birth outside of a traditional hospital setting, along with the higher risk involved in twin pregnancy, and the fact that we are hoping to adopt next year, we had to stick to one embryo. I’ve read that they are now mandating only one-at-a-time in many countries in Europe now. Something to think about. It’s so hard though, I get it, as you don’t want any more negatives, this stuff sucks to go through. As for distraction, I was going to the gym til I overdid it and reignited my plantar fasciitis, so now I’ve been marathon Netflixing “Nurse Jackie”. Nothing like watching someone else with an even crazier life to distract from reality 🙂

    Best of luck to you both.


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