In shock! ❤️❤️❤️

So we were waiting patiently all morning for that phone call. We got up early, had coffee/tea, watch some episodes of Dateline, MobWives and Below Deck on our DVR to try to distract ourselves from watching and willing the phone to ring.

At noon, we couldn’t wait any longer, so we called the RE on call.  The RE on call was a fellow that knows us well and struggled to performed two of our IUIs two years ago.  I told her that (1) Cycle Day 1 has showed up to my surprise and not sure if we should be holding or moving forward with the beginning of an FET protocol since we haven’t had our retrieval follow up visit yet, and (2) we were waiting on the lab to call us today to give us an update on where we are with our embryos on Day 5.  She said that she was actually standing next to the Embryologists and they were labeling and getting ready to freeze embryos.  

She said of the 13 we had on Day 3, four have reached blastocysts stage and would be froze today!  Woohoo!!!!! In addition, we still had eight that looked good and might make it tomorrow, so they are going to hold them out and watch them grow over night tonight and call us tomorrow to let us know if we have more. SAY WHAT?!?  In regards to my FET protocol, she said we are going to let my body calm down for a whole cycle and then proceed.

I hung up the phone and tried to get out of shock long enough to to tell my wife that we have four beautiful embies that will be waiting for us and that we might have the possibility of eight more!!!! It is just an unreal feeling to know that in our last cycle we didn’t even get to Day 5 and now we might have a dozen!!!! It is just crazy to know that since fertilization we have only lost one baby and have so many that are strong and want to keep growing in hopes of becoming our beautiful babies.  

We are feeling incredibly blessed, excited and in shock! We are so thankful to our framily, friends and family that have supported us along the way.   We are not out of the dark by any means but we are so much closer than we have ever been before!!! ❤️❤️❤️  So thankful for another small victory along the way!



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