Waiting through the pain….

So yesterday was rough with a lot of pain due to my high estradiol and follicle numbers.  We are pleased that 15 follicles were retrieved and now we wait to see how many were mature and how many fertlize.

I think I have definitely developed a mild case of OHSS.  Yesterday before the retrieval, I was experiencing a 6/7 on the 1-10 pain scale.  It hurt to sit, to walk and to bend over.  After the retrieval we were hoping the pain would get better.  The doctor gave me a Percocet before we left the clinic which helped a little with the pain. They also gave me a prescription for hydrocodone so I could rest.  

Once we got home from the pharmacy, I experienced pain I had never experienced before in my life.  It hurt to walk, to sit, to move, to turn, to pee.  I took the meds and spent the rest of the day, sleeping and remaining still expect for using the bathroom. I went to get in the bed last night and thought my body was falling apart.  The pain shot up through my back, neck and to my head.  So I am keeping an eye on my weight to make sure the bloating and abdominal pain does not get worse.  

Let’s hope our numbers are great today and worth all of this pain…..

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