Retrieval tomorrow… 😳

As I sit here enjoying my final fluids before midnight in preparation for retrieval tomorrow, I have so many emotions and feelings.

  • I am nervous that our push for an extra day of meds will not give us more mature eggs.
  • I am excited at the possibility that we could have 24 eggs based on the current sizes of our follicles
  • I am excited that we will hopefully get more fertilized embryos through ICSI
  • I am excited that our donor has limited availability, which means others have had success
  • I am sad that after our eggs become beautiful healthy embryos later this week that we will have to wait weeks to see them due to our freeze all.

I am proud of my wife and I that we have remained positive and calm so far through the this 2nd round of IVF.  We have really embraced that things will happen as they happen.  This was a really hard lesson for me being that I am a true control and scheduled freak, who wants everything to go according to plan. Let’s hope this change of attitude reflects in what will become of our eggs, and embryos.

My wife made a post today on Facebook giving our extended family and friends an update and asking for their prayers.  I am more than overwhelmed and blessed to have the great amount of support we have received. Let’s hope all of these prayers meet the timeline and plan that God has laid out for us.

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