IVF#2 – Stims Day 8

Tonight was our last round of stimulation shots. Prior to our monitoring ultrasound this morning, we were waiting to see if retrieval would be Monday or Tuesday.

After reviewing our egg count and labs from today’s visit, our RE believes we are very similar to our last IVF cycle. During our first fresh round of IVF, we triggered after a week of stimulation meds. They were able to retrieve 21 eggs, but only nine of them were mature. 

For this 2nd round of IVF, our RE has been really trying to concentrate on making sure we allow my eggs to mature so we get more eggs to work with.  Therefore since my cycle is similar to the last one, she has decided that rather than triggering tonight on stimulation day 8, she wants us to push for one more day and see if we get more mature eggs.  

I definitely have quantity as we have 14 measurable (larger than 12mm) and 7 unmeasurable on the right, 11 measurable and 5 unmeasurable on the left. Out of those measurable eggs there are 17 that are 15mm or more in size. So we really hope that those 17 are healthy, juicy mature eggs that will become healthy strong embryos.

The concern is that with my higher quantity, my estradiol levels are pretty high. My RE has warned us that there may be the possibility that we may have to do a freeze all and frozen embryo transfer (FET) at a later time. While I would be disappointed to wait, I am doing my best to find the positive in that situation. (1) We would hopefully have more mature eggs, rather than rushing them out. (2) Our FET would be scheduled when our RE is on service, rather than transferring with whatever RE is on call that day. (3) Having our RE perform the transfer might be more successful as she knows my body including my curvy tricky cervix.

All in all, I am pleased with where we are at and confident that regardless of what happens we will have more healthy embryos this time around. As my parents have always said claim it and it is yours right. Bring on monitoring ultrasound #6!

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