IVF #2 …Stims Day 1

So today is the day that we crack open this lovely display of hormones, emotions, destiny, and money.  I am excited but also scared and cautious.  I feel like I have spent many months preparing for this day and what it will hopefully add to our life in 2016.  

The baseline ultrasound went well on Tuesday, nurse said my lining was thin (probably due to the spotting from the procedure), but that they were not concerned.   I have 11 follicles less than measurable in size in both the left and right ovary, so let’s hope that at least half of those 22 follicles mature and fertilitze in a few weeks.  My estradiol was 19.53 and progesterone was 0.57, good numbers to start prior to meds.

I am trying to use my self reflection/yogi knowledge to remain calm and tame my anxiety.  I took my last birth control (BC) pill as instructed on Tuesday and I have had spotting/light bleeding for over a week now.  I am not sure if it is because of the endometrial biopsy and cervical dilation done 11 days ago or because my body is thinking ok no more BC, time to bleed.  I woke up three times last night in a panic with cramps and worried that I was bleeding all of my lining out. Whatever the reason, let’s hope that these stimulation meds stop the bleeding, thicken my lining and get those follicles to mature. 👍

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