Here we go again..Cycle Day 3 ..Time to start meds…


We took nine months off, traveled to some new places, experienced rest and relaxation, and changed our habits, all to prepare ourselves for IVF Round #2.  My spirit and faith in our dream had been crushed in April and June.  We were very positive and felt that all of the signs were present for us to finally be able to experience the joy of a child. Unfortunately things did not go our way and we were left  wondering what we could have done differently.  
July, August, and September were spent doubting every move and choice we had made. I began to feel like my world was closing in around me and with the stress of work, I really began to loose myself.  I began to think that no matter what it wasn’t going to happen for us and that we were just meant to be a childless couple.
Since October, I have made some life changes to try to prepare my eggs for what is to come in Round 2.  I went back to working out everyday, going to bed earlier and trying to follow a gluten free clean diet.  I started acupuncture, which was probably the best decision ever made, to calm my spirit and prepare my eggs.  I feel like acupuncture has really changed who I am and I will really miss it once we get going in this cycle. Through this practice, I feel like my soul is lighter and happier…all good things for going into this next round.

The past few days, there have been a couple of signs that I hope mean good things are yet to come. Bear and four leaf candy in our advent calendar and an empty nest in our Christmas tree.  I will take it as our nest will no longer be empty because our four leaf clover is bringing a baby bear to us soon.

To learn more about Round One feel free to catch up on my old blog 


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